About me – veggie turning vegan

Who actually bloody knew the step from veggie to vegan would be so hard! I’ve been vegetarian for a ridiculous amount of time, since I was about 8 or 9. That part was easy, I never liked meat, I wasn’t keen on the texture and I loved animals. Not eating them came very easily and I feel it was my natural state.

The hard part was when I realised how cruel the dairy and egg industry are. When an industry doesn’t outright kill animals so we can consume them makes it very easy to bury your head in the sand about what is really involved. Then I had a decision to make, do I continue on in my blinkered state or do I try and make a real change. I decided, inspired very much by an old friend who’d made exactly that transition from veggie to vegan, it was time to try and go vegan! 

At the time I’d forgotten how much I love cheese. 

And how many things have milk and eggs as a hidden ingredient. 

And that honey isn’t vegan. 

And many wines aren’t either! 

So I’ve started on the road to veganism. Like most roads it has potholes and I’ve fallen in a few already. It has bumps to get over and until the authority relocates some funds to its maintenance, it’s not going to be completely smooth, but a real, concerted effort is being made. 

Not only am I overhauling my approach to what I eat, I am also, as a bona fide beauty addict, looking into vegan and cruelty free beauty and makeup brands and alternatives and being much more conscious about what I buy. I’ve always avoided the big, well-known brands that are not cruelty free but what I hadn’t realised is the whole parent-company thing, where a non animal friendly parent company can own a cruelty free company. This begs the question about the ethics of buying from a. Cruelty free brand owned by a non cruelty free company. So there will be posts and updates on my research into that side too.