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Restaurant review – Tuk Tuk Glasgow 

On a recent foray into Glasgow with my sister Jennifer and friend Lyndsay (the vegan) and me (the vegan attempterer) we ended up in Tuk Tuk Glasgow for dinner. We were supposed to be going to Kelvingrove Bandstand afterwards to watch Trainspotting in the rain but the great Scottish summer put paid to that and it ended up cancelled by the organisers (fair enough, it was peeing down).  

We decided to go for dinner anyway and boy I’m glad we did. Not only did Tuk Tuk have a reasonably good vegan selection  (only issue I’d identified is it’s not specified on the menu but they did provide a handwritten list of the vegan options when we enquired, and we had also been able to find it online). The vegetarian selection was excellent. Having been vegetarian for the best part of my life it’s a triumohbwhen a restaurant has two #veggie mains but this place had half a menu worth of vegetarian  dishes! Really impressed. It’s so refreshing to visit a restaurant where there is actually varied choice for the veggie or vegan in the group. Already this meant Tuk Tuk was into a  winner.

The restaurant is BYOB for wine and beers with a 50p recycling charge so we took a couple of bottles with us to share and wine coolers and glasses were provided. The staff were another great part if the experience – attentive but not overbearing and very friendly and contributed to the relaxed atmosphere. 

So without further ado, the dishes! This is why you’re here, right? 


Channa chaat – potatoes and chickpeas with tomato and onion

Tuk Tuk samosa – spicy pea and potato pastries

The pakora platter – deep fried veggies in batter

Mains (Lyndsay and I both had the same  hence the lack of different curries)

Baby aubergine and potato curry

Channa puri curry served with a flat bread. 

All of the food was delicious but my favourite dish was the Channa puri. Very flavoursome with enough spice to give a kick without overwhelming the dish. I thoroughly enjoyed our visit and would definitely go back. As you’d expect there was a selection of rice and naan breads. You can check the full menu out here. Below is the list of vegan friendly dishes too (hopefully these might be labelled on the main menu at some point in the future too)

And my final favourite thing.. . They split the bill for us! What a fab idea and makes life so much easier when going out with friends (sorry for the fuzzy picture, you remember I told you it was BYOB right)

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