No buy week – day 3 dinner!

I’m kind of getting the hang of this a bit more now! And managed to a really make a fairly decent and not thrown together dinner tonight too. I definitely think this would have been more successful with a bit of planning and a focussed shop however part of the reason I suggested doing this was to prove to myself that we do buy far too many small (but costly when added up) shops throughout the week because we are either too tired or uninspired to see what we can create from what is in the fridge or cupboard, and definitely just sometimes too lazy! 

Today I wanted to use up a couple of things hanging about in the fridge that had been opened previously but not finished and certainly I think the oat creme fraiche would have languished in there til it went out of date, after being used for the purpose it was originally bought for. 

I made some Cajun spiced chicken style pieces with smoked paprika potatoes and broccoli, finished off with the oat fraiche. Most successful meal of the week so far for me and was organised enough to make it for everyone. 

Half through through the week and I feel like this is the way to do things, albeit in future with a meal plan and organised shop at the beginning of the week! Not having to visit the supermarket has been very liberating! 

Please let me know if you’re enjoying these posts! And if you’re a naturally organised person and this kind of thing is second nature to you, please share with me your secrets! 

🦄 Green Veggies


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