No-buy week day 1 – dinners! Working with what we have. 

In an effort to cut down on waste and save a bit of money (also a little bit inspired by my current TV obsession Eat Well For Less) we have decided to try and get through this weeks dinners without a trip to the shops! We haven’t done a preparatory shop either – we are literally using what we have. The only exception is essentials such as bread, milk etc. So my aim is to make this weeks dinners, Monday to Friday, without buying ingredients. You’d think I’d have made a meal plan in preparation but no. Strictly winging it! 

Today, Monday was a bit of a hodpodge dinner. I’m always tired on a Monday no matter what and today is no exception. Eldest requested a fry up so that’s what the kids and my husband had. My vegan version was beans on toast with a sprinkling of vegan Parmesan style cheese from Tesco. Pretty uninspired but it hit the spot. I’m not sure a picture of beans in toast is strictly required but eh, I took one so you can have it! 

Other than that things haven’t been too exciting round here. I have a restaurant review in the pipeline and rather excitingly the Vegan Fest Glasgow organisers shared my review of the Vegan Festival around a bit, which was very kind and got me a little bit more traffic for this wee blog. I do intend to start a proper blog schedule with some different focuses and I am now collecting my makeup and beauty empties for a post at the end of this month to review some cruelty free beauty! I am really looking forward to doing that one, I hope you guys like it. Please let me know if there are any aspects of veganism, my journey from vegetarianism to veganism, reviews or cruelty free makeup, beauty and hair car are you would be interested in seeing as a regular feature either weekly of monthly! I have a few ideas already but any inspiration is welcomed!

🦄 Green Veggies 


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