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The walking diaries – Campsie Fells, central Scotland 

Me, youngest and husband decided on Saturday evening we were fed up and fancied an adventure. Well, I decided I was bored and wanted to do something and coerced them into it. Anyway, we live close to the Campsies in central Scotland and it’s been a while since we headed in that direction so that’s where we ended up, through Lennoxtown to the first car park. We climbed a wee hill that demonstrated to me just how sedentary my current desk job is and is filling me with the fear for a planned climb of Ben Lomond in a few weeks. 

I’m planning to start tackling some Munro’s this summer, hopefully that’ll get the fitness levels back up again! I’ve only climbed Ben Nevis previously  (And sadly didn’t complete it) so I’m hoping to get to a level to try it again! If you’re a Scottish hill climber please say hello and leave your best advice for a novice such as myself! And maybe I’ll see you on the hills one day, I’ll be the one trying to catch my breathe. 

Green veggies x


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